3 days fantastic workshop
Location:Kolombo…Galle Face hotel
all days starting 10am to 6 pm
day 1 :theory techniques and talking about composition,posing and lighting
day 2 :full day shooting indoor and outdoor
day 3 :full day editing in Lr and PS

all days include coffee breaks and lunch

What you need to bring

Day one: notepads or anything to keeping notes…its the theory day

Day two:Camera with 2-3 of your favourite lenses and any light you use (speedlights,continues,led etc)

Day three:A laptop with LR and Ps (nik color efex from google)

IMPORTANT !!!! Video recording its not allowed – you can keep notes and you can use voice recording !

3 masters of wppi together in London for the first time.

Each of them will share his style and his way under an intense but easy to learn programme

3 days full of editing,theory ,different style of techniques and tips for improving your skills

Shooting with ambient,led,icelight,strobes and speedlights and how to combine all of them and under everything condition.

Full of examples of “how to wow” and behind the scenes masterpieces.

“What makes an award winning image” and how to make it.

….and of course lots of fun

KEDA.Z: This is a very important class for everyone no matter you are senior or hobby or part-time photographer. How to create such amazing masterpiece for clients and competition like Keda.Z? Creativity and imagination? Z.style lighting? A series of theory and principal in Z.photography. Very important part is the live shooting with real models during the workshop and show you how to transform the images to extraordinary Z.style from pre-production to post-production.

Nik:How to posing everyone perfectly.How to found or “create” the light under any condition and very fast.

What can makes you different from your fellow photographer.

A very powerful and fast way to speed up your workflow in LR.

Album design …easy and fast !

Johnson wee: A worksop not to be missed! Johnson Wee will take you through how he ignited his creativity and imagination from the most unexpected sources and inspirations and apply to his masterpiece and also award winning submissions. From start to finish, he will show how he plans, lights, poses, shoots and then post process into JW signature masterpiece in the in depth 3 day workshop.

“How to Wow” with Fantastic 3 in London! 3 days full of latest editing, theory, different style of techniques and tips for improving your skills.

full payment is $1450 USD

Seats are selling very fast. Register now and be inspired by 3 international award winning master photographers.
deposit paypal its 200$ to :thephotopek@gmail.com

*Video recording on the editing day not allow…voice recording instead is possible

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23 August 2017
May i know if there are slots open for srilanka workshop. I am interested to attend. Also the photo says its in srilanka but the details says in london. Could you please calrify
    24 August 2017
    yes there is couple available ...Please contact to mr.harsha maduranga jayasekara
20 November 2017
thank you for all to day workshop is perfect <3 <3 .. and thank fully for coming to sri lanka .. we happy with fantastic 3

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